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During my counselling sessions I experienced wisdom, patience, kindness and gentleness. Counselling was a time of freedom, just catching my breath with God. I never expected the time here in Australia to hold so much for me. I thank God for Hanli’s commitment to listening and trusting in God. It made a true and honest change for me. I have discovered and re-discovered parts of God’s nature and most importantly I have seen God’s faithfulness and that he never actually left me. I can say now that I genuinely believe that and can live in light of that now. I am excited to be in a relationship with God and can’t thank God enough for the counselling I received. Thank you Hanli for working patiently with me until I could see the truth of who God is

Anonymous - UK

God never promised that our life on earth will be easy and sweet at all times. During the good times I am the happiest girl on earth, feeling blessed by God. However during the storm and darkness I sometimes feel that God is so far away and I am completely forgotten.  Recently I encountered a relationship crisis. I prayed about talking to a professional counsellor. I was referred to Hanli by a friend who received counselling from her a while back. We started our weekly sessions straightaway. She encouraged me by listening and understanding, and also through the use of bible verses. She analysed my past experience and current emotion, and suggested future strategies. She went above and beyond to make sure I was coping and improving throughout the week. During life’s journey we fall, we get up, and we make more mistakes. Hanli accompanied me through the darkness. I remember her always saying: “There is light at the end of the tunnel”, and there was, with her help. Praise God for His love and mercy!

Anonymous - Plympton Park

I have been struggling with my anger for so many years; I couldn't control it. I always lost my temper with my family and friends. My anger was one of the big reasons why my previous marriage ended, and also caused brokenness in most of my relationships with my dear family members. I was such an unpleasant person to be around and to work with. I just didn't know how to deal with my anger. Even after I become a Christian, I still couldn't keep my anger under control. My pastor suggested that I see a counsellor. With Hanli’s help I realised that my past hurts and disappointments were the roots of my anger.  Understanding this enabled me to forgive them for their wrong doings. My self-esteem is restored and my anger released. I am now blessed with a merciful heart. I felt comfortable to be very open and honest with Hanli about my feelings, my past hurts, disappointments and frustrations. She used the wisdom given from God to lead me out of a very dark place to embrace the light of God's love and mercy. God has brought light to my darkness through my counsellor. I am really happy and grateful that God set me free from my past hurts and disappointments. I have been enjoying freedom from a very heavy stone, my anger. I am able to love myself and my family and friends. Thank God for His deliverance. Dear friends, if you or anyone around you is suffering from any form of distinctive behaviour, bring them to seek help instead of being worried and scared. All things are possible with God. I pray we can all be set free from our past

Anonymous - Mawson Lakes